poem (rough around the edges)


You slide on in, slick and smooth
All sugar sweet lies and lines and
serpent skin

Anything you want honey, it's yours

I know what you are, what you need
Your fingers, long and slim, delicately toy
with my errant curls as you whisper

Anything you want honey, all yours

Tempted, I bite into my lip, tighten every
muscle and look anywhere but your face
You slowly trace my lips with two fingers


Our eyes meet, our lips part

You want

© 2008

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I want you. You can't be found in your words; your words like butterflies floating through the air, ever graceful, ever gentle. They're beautiful and if I listen closely, carefully, I hear the faint sound of a body growing tired from too much work.

I don't want your words.

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the cat is dead

I shouldn't have looked.

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Jim Lee's version of Catwoman:

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blood the last vampire

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i put your hand into my chest
and let you poke around
i didn't think it would hurt,
i didn't think it would matter
we were just playing doctor
like kids with no intentions
only imagination and time

but you scratched my tissue
and you ripped my organs
you pulled on veins and
you slid through me like an
invasive drug
up and down and in between,

outside in

© 2005

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I stand there, paralyzed
blinking the water out
of my eyes
steam enfolds me,
swallows me like I'm

on the floor of the tub
I notice red splotches blossoming
all over my skin
how'd I get here:
this place
not myself but a container

water saturates my skin
my hair
beads of it roll off me
smooth, somehow,
though the flesh has bloated,
swollen with the heat
what happened here

in this place
this little room
no one knows the
difference between
tears and tap water
pain and indifference
numbness and nothingness


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your eyes slowly take in
the creamy color of skin
in flickering candlelight as
your hands slide down
my body like it's the
only thing keeping
you alive

unglued, i'm

trembling softly
breath escapes in short
somewhere between
the pleasure and pain
of desires unfulfilled
hanging in the air
just out of reach


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The words I need to say
stick in my throat
like thorns
sharp and cold;
little claws scratching

I try to expel them
But they dig into me until
blood wells up in my mouth
and breathing is denied

I choke back on the copper taste
and poison words
As tears hide in my eyes
afraid of being known
and mocked

Until I say the words
that will silence you
as they had once
silenced me


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I wrapped myself around you
like you were the only thing
left to hang onto
I needed your skin,
your heartbeat,
your breath on my neck
but you jumped back as though
the fire emanating from me
would devour you
leaving nothing but
ash and soot,
teeth and bone


Posted at 12:23:41 pm by TheKaren

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