Entry: poem (rough around the edges) 2.11.2008


You slide on in, slick and smooth
All sugar sweet lies and lines and
serpent skin

Anything you want honey, it's yours

I know what you are, what you need
Your fingers, long and slim, delicately toy
with my errant curls as you whisper

Anything you want honey, all yours

Tempted, I bite into my lip, tighten every
muscle and look anywhere but your face
You slowly trace my lips with two fingers


Our eyes meet, our lips part

You want



February 11, 2008   11:10 PM PST
This hit home for me. Love it.
February 12, 2008   08:30 AM PST
I like it.

Ps. Hi. Thanks for stopping by. (:

I'm hoping you're doing alright.
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